At the end of the day..

What exactly happens in a day and how does one feel by the time the day ends?


     We begin our day with numerous expectations, dreams and what not.. We try to make our day good. We try to make ourselves happy with our favourite food, a fantasised movie, time with people we love. We work our days away with tiny moments of fun. When the years pass, we begin our lives, yet again with expectations, dreams and what not.. Only at a whole new level. Until then, many of us know nothing about who we really want to be. And when we do, we don’t find a way that leads there. 

     Having infinite ups and downs, blossoms and thorns every day all through life adds to our slow growing strength, every time showing us what went wrong. But that doesn’t keep us from being pierced by a thorn again. It’s always a new thorn, new wound. Shows us the preciousness of the blossoms. We work in various ways to get the flower of our dream bloom, to grow the bud to give it a shot at the least. Each one of us have a flower of different colour, different fragrance, different vision. But at the end of the day, no matter what we do to feel it alive in our hands, when the moon shines upon the lone trees, what we feel is fear. Fear for our lives, fear for our future. Fear and anxiety, that show us where we really are. We drop our eyelids to rest our bodies, but our minds and hearts never really rest. In the far corner they urge us to keep moving forward. How many of us really ask ourselves where we really are at being who we want to be, who we need to be? How many of us really know what path to take? How many of us are ready to take chances to make ourselves feel alive? None of us ever are. At the end of the day we can only be ready enough to take that chance. 
     Why am I telling you all this? I don’t really know. But these words that flow out of my heart, there is a faint ray of possibility for them to reach someone who really need them at the moment. Maybe it could rekindle a died spark in them to achieve their dreams. If that happens, who else could be happier than me? I read, I write.. I learn numerous things from them. I get inspired, motivated, moved, refreshed, flabbergasted. What I read works on my heart and what I write flows out of it. Tonight, on the thought of where I myself am at achieving my dream, intend to take someone with me on the journey to success. I will close my eyes tonight, hoping that one of these days, when I open them, I will find myself where I want to be. I wish so for my fellow people too.

Author: pravarthika

A growing writer having fun writing small articles while trying establish myself as an author

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