The Darkness

Trying out a melancholy…


O the creatures of this earth,

Tell me about your life.
Tell me how you lived,
Tell me how you live,
Tell me how you will.
How do you do without begrudging your life?
Cause this life,
Makes me feel I’m no good to live.
Do I have a purpose?
Do I have a cause?
Even if I do,
I do not belong to
What I do to do.
Will I get to my right place?
Will I get my right space?
To do what I want to do.
Must I do good in what I do?
Should I hate what I want to do?
Or should I love what I do to do?
Should I regret who I am?
Or should I bloom on who I am?
Do I need these failures?
Do I need them to do?
Why do they stop me 
From what I want to do?
Why do they push me 
To do what I do to do?
I’m standing right here,
All alone, in here,
Surrounded by souls
That can never know
What I want them to know.
When will this battle end?
The battle of life…
Fighting as a single on my side,
I face the charge
Of the opposite side
With no one by my side.
Will I win?
Will I lose?
Do I have the power,
To overpower the tower,
And take the flower
Which turns to a shower?
They laugh, They giggle,
They find pleasure,
Where there is no treasure.
Where the real treasure is,
That I know,
But know not how to reach.
What I think of that treasure,
Valuable than gold,
No one knows.
So, is there one who can walk with me,
On the way to the treasure?
Lost in the woods,
I search for a light.
There I see,
A faint sparkle
But alas! It fades,
Fades and fades,
Finally leaving me,
Where I be, but I am no bee.
Not knowing what to do,
My eyes well up,
Calling for help.
But none came then,
So I dried my pool,
With no more wet,
Losing all hopes.
Should I ask for help,
From the souls around me,
To flash a beam of light
On my path to the right,
Or hold my hands and walk
Through the dark of life?
Will I get the light?
Or will I get the hands?
Or will I get the strength
To walk down the aisle?
O the soul nearby,
Can you hear by your ear
My pleas for your help?
Can you take my hands?
And walk me to my right?
Cause when I ask for a help,
I get the line
“Walk to the light”
But please do know,
That the light left me,
Long, long ago,
When I tumbled into this cave.
So tell me now, If I can,
Get away from this 
Dark cave of fate.
I see the devils smile,
Smile at my hurt.
I feel my eyes close,
Deep to the dark, so
O the souls nearby,
Get me out of this dark.

Author: pravarthika

A growing writer having fun writing small articles while trying establish myself as an author

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