Your voice…

I used to think I was in love
With music and the people those voices belonged to
But then I heard you for the first time
Realised what I felt before wasn’t love
Because I know now.

I watched you from so far away
You didn’t even know I existed
Today, I’m walking to you
Thinking so far back.

The world knows your voice is your lifeline
They all know there’s no you where there’s no song
But have you ever thought
Your voice could become someone else’s lifeline
I wish you knew because your voice is my lifeline.

I watched you sing
Through endless hardships
To grow into the man you today are
Each of those days all along,
It was your voice, that soared though the notes
But it was my heart, drumming along,
Forgetting the hard life.

My days’ cruelty bled into my nights
Haunting my dreams,
Pushing me into nightmares.
But you pulled me back, every time,
Through your song playing by my bed.
I then open my eyes
And wish you knew,
Your voice is my lifeline…


Author: pravarthika

A growing writer having fun writing small articles while trying establish myself as an author

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