Buried once more

It was one of those boring days,
That it would become epochal
I knew not, before I saw you.
For that moment, my eyes agaze,
Saw our secret, far…
Far away, buried deep.

So out I set, to reach my treasure,
To the endless desert and the mighty river,
To the ruin that once was our city.
In its unplumbed depths,
Buried was our esoteric love,
In a scratch decorated chest.

Trinkets are they for the world,
Treasure are they for me…
The plain golden band you slid,
On my fingers in the life first.
Letters there were,
Filled with faded symbols,
But I read those words of love,
Like I did the first time.

I touch those lovely gifts,
Concealed here by me,
In all our lives numbered.
All high and low in their world’s worth,
But richer than all in mine.
I then, leave a new treasure,
A picture of us when we met,
To feel our love from all our lives,
In our next one when I come back,
Buried here once more.



Author: pravarthika

A growing writer having fun writing small articles while trying establish myself as an author

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