Hard-earned satisfaction 

It is quite difficult to make a portrait resemble the model but I love the satisfaction I get with every progress I make…



Author: pravarthika

A growing writer having fun writing small articles while trying establish myself as an author

16 thoughts on “Hard-earned satisfaction ”

  1. Such an incredible sketch Pravarthika. I remember once I tried to draw a Phoenix once for one of my poems but ended up making a creature that looked like a drunk ostrich that’s when I knew that drawing wasn’t my cup of tea lol. The flamboyance of your creativity highlights the fact as to what a multi-talented person you really are, keep up the good work Pravarthika. 🙂

    Warm Regards,


      1. Problem of plenty is always better than a sense of deprivation so cherish your talents to the fullest with a smile as big as river Nile 🙂


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