Heaven help me

Gaining your acquaintance was a surprise

Nobody knew we would grow fond easily

So many days I watched you in secret

Wondering if you are the one for me. 

I held back, scared and lost,

Convinced myself to be content 

With the blinding smiles and mischievous moments. 
Living a lie, you said, entertaining the world 

You and I both, love, said I in mind.

To hold on to our dreams and passions,

Life’s authenticity long lost. 

I wanted to get it back

By holding your hand for real.

But life as cruel as it is,

It pushed us together in work. 
Just a job, just a few months

I said over and over to myself

They had us enjoy our time together 

All the little red roses of lovers

“Don’t cherish it, Don’t want it”

My mantra that kept me sane.

Bit by bit I weakened and broke,

With every smile, every surprise.

The day of separation came but

Now I want to ask you 

To hold me close and kiss me

What do I do? Heaven help me!
Image Source: Pixabay


Author: pravarthika

A growing writer having fun writing small articles while trying establish myself as an author

4 thoughts on “Heaven help me”

  1. There are times Pravarthika when you want to step in and act a hero in such lovely stories. And to do all good things to conclude…. happily ever after.


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