Modern-day Fairy Tale

In a modern-day fairy tale

Portraits beside the dinner plate 

“The One?!” was the query

Trolled through my mind very

“Mayhap” for suns few

To meet on the middle ground 

Clueless witness a hundred 

To love blooming unaware 

Smiles, jitters and butterflies 

Tingling and tickling 

With the beat of the march 

Sealed life for and into

The story how I lost mine heart

A modern-day fairy tale. 

Image Source: Pixabay


A Sailor’s Sonnet

Did it start with a long summer day?

On waters blue and wide,

A voyage long with none alongside 

But gulls that often cry.

Billowed sails catch no more, nay 

Nor the shimmering waters’ ride

All too long, an eternal wait

A sailor far from his bay.

But then came the day, with it the dame 

To deck the deck to life,

Fill the air with sounds of mirth

A new significance for eternal came 

For there ought to be no sorrow nor strife 

But joyous new life’s birth. 

Image Source: Pixabay

Heaven help me

Gaining your acquaintance was a surprise

Nobody knew we would grow fond easily

So many days I watched you in secret

Wondering if you are the one for me. 

I held back, scared and lost,

Convinced myself to be content 

With the blinding smiles and mischievous moments. 
Living a lie, you said, entertaining the world 

You and I both, love, said I in mind.

To hold on to our dreams and passions,

Life’s authenticity long lost. 

I wanted to get it back

By holding your hand for real.

But life as cruel as it is,

It pushed us together in work. 
Just a job, just a few months

I said over and over to myself

They had us enjoy our time together 

All the little red roses of lovers

“Don’t cherish it, Don’t want it”

My mantra that kept me sane.

Bit by bit I weakened and broke,

With every smile, every surprise.

The day of separation came but

Now I want to ask you 

To hold me close and kiss me

What do I do? Heaven help me!
Image Source: Pixabay

The Sound of SilenceĀ 

Alone in the palace of one, with the alarm it began 

Ringing and Ringing, waking from noisy dream

Task switched, coffee machine purred

One by one, got life and sound

Air for carriage, my ears for destination. 
Clocks ticked, second by second 

A reminder to me, be not indolent 

Noise was lonely, so music joined

Bells gonged, cars honked

Over and over, added on.
Goodbye, said the sun

And went home, for fun 

Leaving me in the dark

Lying alone on my bed

Listening to the last clock.
“Ah! Silence at last! How nice!”

Not did I utter, and out went the power

Air became still, Dark to darker

A slow ringing, reaching my ear

Went higher and higher, source unknown 

Tossing and turning, but can’t shake off.

Lonely and terrifying 

Silence became deafening

Drowning in the dark, longing for a sound

Hours passed, or minutes, not known

Until a sound reached my ears, pleasant and priceless

Stopping the sound of silence, A cricket’s chirp.

Daily prompt: Priceless

Image source: Pixabay

Ready to go

 Waiting for the seed to split

For the roots to hold

For the leaves to dance

Then I can grow, cell by cell

A bud that pleases no eyes or nose.

My efforts grow, with help or no

Opening up to the world.

Cared and pruned, or not.

Plucked and collected, or not.

Bound and arranged, or not.

Does it matter?

Earned a smile already,

From someone, Somewhere,

Life’s purpose fulfilled,

Now ready to go…

Forever loved (Weekly Photo Challenge)

We met when I was little 

I met a lot with many of your friends 

“ooh! Shiny!” I said

My little feet carrying me around 

Chasing you not to hurt

But to get closer

Years passed, concrete rose 

You disappeared, leaving me

In a colorless life, lonely. 

I waited and waited 

You just didn’t come

So here I am, moving into greens 

Finding you at last.

Welcome back, my friend!

Ooh, Shiny!


Long day and a troubled sleep 

You wake up, mind disoriented 

Catch that train of thought 

From yesterday’s time

From there you pick

Things to take for today

Take a part of yesterday 

To make your wheel spin smooth

One day you see

You did that everyday 

Now you recognize 

You rise and walk for fresh air

Under a clear sky after a stormy night 

And see raindrops hanging from leaves

Remnants of yesterday.