Can’t dodge Karma¬†

Image source: Pixabay

Four years ago:

   Me: Hey, wake up! 

   Sister: It’s 6 am! Go away!

   Me: No! Wake up! I really need to finish this homework. 

   Sister: Then finish it.

   Me: I’ve been writing most of the night. I have more difficult diagrams to draw. You just have to copy the text I give you.

   Sister: No way! Go away! I need to sleep! I came in late from work last night.

   Me: I know! I won’t bother you again. Please? 

   Sister: (Sigh and get up) Fine. Just this once.


   Brother: Sister, I need your help.

   Me: (Look warily at the clock. 11pm.) What is it?

   Brother: Just copy these pages in this classwork notebook.

   Me: No way!

   Brother: Please! I need to finish this! I have a lot to study.

   Me: It’s late and I’m tired!

   Brother: I know! Just this once! I won’t ask again.

   Me: Ugh.. fine. What is it.

Four years ago, 1 day later:

   Me: (whisper) Are you sleeping? (Poke)

   Sister: What now?! 

   Me: (My prettiest smile)


   Brother: Where is my dear sister?

   Me: Oh. My. God. 

   Brother: (Devious smile)

Four years ago, I must have known.