My Dear Darling (4)

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My Dear Darling series 

Day 6
My Dear Darling,

     There has been a change in our plan. Things are not going well and we have been forced to return to out post. The only solace I find in this is that I can write you sooner than I expected to. You might wonder why I am telling you details of our actions.  Do not worry, my dear. It is safe for me to write such vague informs that everyone already knows. 

     On our way back, we had to hunt some game for food. I killed a lovely deer.  We could not use our guns for a fear of being heard. So shooting it down was not an option. The amount of stealth and speed it required was tremendous. It was almost like a training exercise. It was grazing so peacefully, quite a sight to look at. I sneaked upon it from behind. I stabbed through it’s neck even before I landed from my leap. The thrill ran high in my blood, until I saw it’s thick red blood gushing from the deep wound. Very soon, I am going to kill people, just like I hunted this little animal down. Somehow, killing another person is wrong, while what I just did is right. 

     Memories of the people I murdered in the last war surged, draining me of all the excitement. My appetite was gone, as I sit  there with the deer wailing in pain, watching the steady flow of blood turn to a slow ooze, making a puddle around it. The stench of blood thickened the air, suffocating me with the memories of active battlefields. 

     Visions of such gore only led me to think about you, basking under the warm morning sun, singing in your sweet voice. The picture of you sitting on the green meadows, waiting with a smile and a basket of food, swimmed before my eyes. I long for those moments now every time I see food or when I am hungry. 

     I hope you are not worrying your health by keeping your thoughts on me too much that you refuse to take enough sustenance. Another cold night passes here, with remembered sound of your musical voice.

Soldier in love. 

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My Dear Darling (2)

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Day 3

My Dear Darling,

    I am glad to hear you are well and that you’re staying with your mother. I will feel comfortable also if I know that you’re with familial company. Give your mother my greetings. 

   I am getting deployed tomorrow and I do not know when I can write you again. But tonight, I once again lay awake in my quarters thinking of you. The dark night outside feels baleful, filling me with dread for the days to come. I am supposed to be a man of valor. I ought to be your hero. But my love, I am scared. I promised you I will come back to you. I am going to do everything in a man’s power to keep that promise. But my heart asks the one horrendous question. It asks, “what if?”, for tomorrow, it all begins. 
   In the midst of the storm raging in my heart, you stand calm in its eye, smiling ever so peacefully.  You have become my strength, my line of life. Strange how a man goes to war to save his country but in truth fights hardest to get back to his heart that he left back home. I wonder if every soldier is like that. Such thoughts fill my mind already, before the first fight commences. 

    There is so much for me to share with you but now that I am writing this, words fail me. I am overcome by the feelings of missing you. I now try to sleep with our bed and your warmth in my mind’s eye, telling me I am home. 

Soldier in love.

My Dear Darling (1)

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Day 1
My Dear Darling,

     I cannot believe we parted only last sunset. The hours feel like days and I miss you terribly already. I think the sight of you waving me goodbye with tears, in that beautiful blue gown we had tailored last month, is going to stay with my eyes for a long time to come. I have slept not a wink through the night and it is only the first day. I hope you manage to bear our separation better than I do.

     Our train just crossed the second city. I sit here on my bunk with my fellow soldiers, writing to our loved ones. Crumpled blankets and creased pantaloons even before the fight begins. I am sure the parchments and this tiny vial of ink will become my most precious treasure through this battle. 

     This letter will reach you fast as I am not so far away from you. It pains my heart to think that the farther I get from you, the longer it will take for my letters to reach you, and even longer for your correspondence to reach me.

     Everyone here is still consumed by the sadness of being separated from their love. But naught can a man do when a duty as this one calls. I wonder what happens when the fear settles in, when they know in their hearts that every minute they pass could be their last. That day is inching closer and closer. As soon as we reach the encampment, our battalions would be assigned and we would be off to war. But I promise you my love, I will come back to you. You are the one thing that will keep me fighting with strength drawn from our love, every moment. So until I return, take care of yourself. I will write again in the nearest opportunity. 


Soldier in love.

Another cup of tea

A sight to behold she was,

The day I saw her in the shining sun.

Nervous as an adolescent,

Ask her out for a cup of tea, I did.

The porcelain in her gentle hands,

Eyes looking out over the rim

A mischievous little smile playing 

In her lips sipping the tea.

Amused she was a lot,

As if she could see through flesh,

My heart running a mile a minute.

Minutes ticked to hours

In small talks and her musical laughs

Bewitching me faster than fast.

Like a gentleman, my car made her carriage,

Leave her at the doorsteps, already dreaming 

Of the next cup of tea.


Awake and home

Chance encounter, first day

Stolen glances, second day

Meeting unheralded, third day

Tentative smiles, fourth day 

Clandestine gander, fifth day

Absence thunderous, the sixth day,

Seat in my heart, taken, I see.

Should have sought her out, I know,

Follow, to her den, must have

But fool I am, abeyant went my heart.

Hours long are days now,

Moon clock, longer, lonely,

For all but me, time-wheel rolled.

Sun aft sun, pain dulled

Love for you faded, I reasoned,

With everything I am, but no, oh no!

A quiescent volcano, I didn’t know,

Simmering and flowing, dormant fire waiting,

Living dead, three long years

But today I see, sea blue eyes,

Blinding smile, sparkling bloss. 

To your warmth I walk, through rain so cold, 

I hold on to the only truth I know,

Sealing our lips, feel my heart drum,

A torpid beast, awake and home.


Buried once more

It was one of those boring days,
That it would become epochal
I knew not, before I saw you.
For that moment, my eyes agaze,
Saw our secret, far…
Far away, buried deep.

So out I set, to reach my treasure,
To the endless desert and the mighty river,
To the ruin that once was our city.
In its unplumbed depths,
Buried was our esoteric love,
In a scratch decorated chest.

Trinkets are they for the world,
Treasure are they for me…
The plain golden band you slid,
On my fingers in the life first.
Letters there were,
Filled with faded symbols,
But I read those words of love,
Like I did the first time.

I touch those lovely gifts,
Concealed here by me,
In all our lives numbered.
All high and low in their world’s worth,
But richer than all in mine.
I then, leave a new treasure,
A picture of us when we met,
To feel our love from all our lives,
In our next one when I come back,
Buried here once more.


Your voice…

I used to think I was in love
With music and the people those voices belonged to
But then I heard you for the first time
Realised what I felt before wasn’t love
Because I know now.

I watched you from so far away
You didn’t even know I existed
Today, I’m walking to you
Thinking so far back.

The world knows your voice is your lifeline
They all know there’s no you where there’s no song
But have you ever thought
Your voice could become someone else’s lifeline
I wish you knew because your voice is my lifeline.

I watched you sing
Through endless hardships
To grow into the man you today are
Each of those days all along,
It was your voice, that soared though the notes
But it was my heart, drumming along,
Forgetting the hard life.

My days’ cruelty bled into my nights
Haunting my dreams,
Pushing me into nightmares.
But you pulled me back, every time,
Through your song playing by my bed.
I then open my eyes
And wish you knew,
Your voice is my lifeline…